HomeCare Learning Modules

Educational resources to develop competencies and skills on caring for an elderly person at home.

HomeCare platform is dedicated to people who are not professional medical caregivers but play the role of the so-called a family caregiver (or an Informal Caregiver) of an elderly person who, due to age or illness, has limited possibilities in daily independent functioning.

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Care of the elderly


Common Diseases of the Elderly
Diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatism, osteoporosis and more


Simple medical procedures
How to monitor the vital signs of the elderly and deal with sudden health deterioration



Personal hygiene
Rules and specifics of the personal hygiene procedures when caring for the elderly



Nutrition for the elderly
Adequate nutrition is one of the key factors in maintaining the health and well-being of older people



Care and hygiene during a Virus Epidemic 
The basic principles of personal hygiene of the elderly and their surroundings, at the time of increased risk of virus infection



First Aid for the Elderly in Emergency
Dealing with a sudden health deteriorations of an elderly person caused by various factors


Emotional intelligence


Emotional Intelligence in Caring for the Elderly
Meet the needs of the elderly and provide the best possible attention and care



Coping with Caregiver’s Stress
Guidelines, tips and strategies for recognising and preventing Caregiver Stress Syndrome (CSS)


Burnout, Depression and Social Exclusion of the Caregiver
Recognise and understanding burnout and depression. Ways and methods of counteracting.




Video Resources, Downloads, Further Reading
Self-learning educational resources and downloads


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