2. Simple Medical Procedures


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Text and video by Fundacja “Małopolska Izba Samorządowa”, Kraków, Poland. Design and layout by e-Training Solutions, Berlin, Germany. Cartoons by Boris Luve.


With the use of necessary tools, it is possible to measure basic vital functions of the most important organs of the body in domestic conditions.


These vital signs are:

   Body temperature
   Pulse (Heart Rate)
   Blood pressure
   Breathing rate
Regular home measurements of basic measurements are an important part of prevention and treatment. It allows, among other things, for an accurate and current assessment of the effects of the drugs used, and thus, for example, improvement of cooperation with the doctor.

Learning Objectives

In this module you will learn:

   How to perfom basic measurements with an elderly person in a correct way


Expected Learning Effects

After completing this module, you will be able to:

   Take body temperature and heart rate correctly, take blood pressure, measure blood glucose level
   Interpret the results of the measurements


2.1. Body Temperature Measurement
2.2. Blood Pressure and Pulse Measurement
2.3. Saturation Measurement
2.4. Blood Sugar Measurement
2.5. Assessment


Estimated time to complete the module:

2 hours



This E-learning module is an open educational resource. It is mobile-friendly and device-independent. The module is designed for individual learners, however it can also be used as a part of a instructor-led training program.
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