6.7. Key Points of this Module

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   Emotions are biological and cognitive phenomena or events, which have social consequences, therefore the more you know about your emotions the easier it will be to control them when facing the cared person’s emotions.
   It is vital for caregivers to understand the feelings and emotions of those who are taking care form. In consequence, it is important to understand which pathologies they are dealing with, apart from possible existential emotions related to the establishment of certain patterns in the caregiver-receiver context.
   Emotional Intelligence is the necessary ability or competences to be able to identify, manage and control your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.
   When taking care of one person, you are constantly challenged by experiencing different emotions, thus, it is important to manage them smartly and effectively.
   Due to physical and psychological changes, communication with older people takes a lot of patience and time. It is vital to have in mind that effective communication with the people you are taking care stimulates and motivates them, as well as improves their quality of life.
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