6. Emotional Intelligence in Caring for the Elderly


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As a care giver, you often find yourself in front of difficult and challenging situations. Therefore, it is important that you develop the ability of managing emotions and that you provide a mature and balanced response. Understanding your emotions and those from the person you are taking care is vital in order to ensure the good quality of the care given.

Therefore, this module is aimed at providing an insight to Emotional Intelligence, and to reflect on how it can help you meeting the needs of the elderly and offering the best possible attention and care. In addition, you will gain a basic understanding of what emotions are and which are the different types.

In addition, Emotional Intelligence will help you develop “tools” for emotional management in order to foster your well-being and to allow you face challenges in your daily live, as caregiver. As well as how Emotional Intelligence and effective communication can be helpful so that you can improve your quality of life and transform the caregiving situation into a satisfying life experience.

Expected Learning Effects

After completing this module, you will:

   Have gained knowledge about emotional intelligence and emotions
   Be able to identify and/or recognize various types of emotions and reactions in the elderly person
   Have gained an understanding on how to deal with own emotions and emotions of the elderly or dependent person
   Have increased confidence regarding their knowledge on the subject



6.1. What is an Emotion?
6.2. What Types of Emotions Exist?
6.3. Understanding Emotions
6.4. Emotional Intelligence
6.5. How to Deal with Emotions
6.6. Emotions in Caregiving
6.7. Key Points of this Module
6.8. Assessment


Estimated time to complete the module:

3 hours



This E-learning module is an open educational resource. It is mobile-friendly and device-independent. The module is designed for individual learners, however it can also be used as a part of a instructor-led training program.
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