8.3. Signs and Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout

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“Poor John! No carbon should be put under so much pressure!”


Among the causes and risk factors for the appearance of the Caregiver Burnout it is possible to identify the following ones:

   Stress and anxiety and inability to relax
   Depression and low mood
   Fatigue: tiredness, lack of energy and continuous exhaustion
   Frustration, demotivation and difficulty concentrating
   Irritability and frequent mood swings
   Sleep disorders: drowsiness, insomnia, inability to relax
   Constant apathy, family and social isolation
   Negative attitudes and feelings towards the sick person being cared for or psychosomatic disorders such as: anguish, allergies, skin disorders, headaches, back pain, gastric and intestinal disorders, etc.
   Increased or decreased appetite
   Muscle aches, palpitations, digestive problems, headaches
   Excessive consumption of drinks and medicines

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