8.9. How Can You Prevent Social Exclusion?

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In order to avoid exclusion and feelings of loneliness and misunderstanding, it is important to take into account the following premises:

Prioritise your needs in your routine
Remember that in order to make your most in caring for your loved ones; you need to feel confident and strong. Therefore, it is vital that you schedule some time in your agendas for yourself, so that you can enjoy your free time and practise activities that boost your energy and help you unwind.
Give importance to your physical needs
Try to exercise at least half an hour a day; you can practice your favourite sport or you can go for a walk. Moreover, try to get enough sleep; seven hours is considered to be the average amount for an adult. Lastly, make sure that your food routine is also suitable and that you do not disregard your nutritional needs.
Pay attention to your spiritual and mental health
Your needs and enjoyment are important in order to develop your functions as caregiver in a successful way. Find time for engaging in hobbies and social activities and take time to take care of yourself.
Ask for help in case you need it
There are numerous support groups in your community that can help you in your caring role but it is also likely to offer a whole new social circle.

Prestige Nursing Care, 2019
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