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Here you can find educational resources to develop competencies and skills on caring for an elderly person at home.

The platform is dedicated to people who are not professional medical caregivers but play the role of the so-called a family caregiver (or an Informal Caregiver) of an elderly person who, due to age or illness, has limited possibilities in daily independent functioning.

It is an open self-learning platform with ten separate thematic modules.

As a learner, you can use the Platform as a resource for your own needs on elderly care.

You decide which resources and modules you choose for self-learning.

And if you are not sure which thematic modules of the platform to choose, you can complete the short Self-Evaluation to verify your knowledge and skills. After finishing you will receive suggestions which modules from Home Care resources on the platform are recommended to improve your competence.

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Take a look at the video to learn more about the Platform resources and to figure out how to get the best from the HomeCare Platform !

Using the Platform’s resources, you can also use one type of learner activity that is self-assessment.

These are short tests that end each module. The test at the end of each module consists of 5 questions. In total, there are 55 scored questions on the platform. Each correct answer is 1 point.

The questions included in the test at the end of each module are single-choice, the answers to which can be found in the content presented. The learner may only use 2 trials to answer each question in the test.

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